S&M Slender Impulse Crop - OkGiv
S&M Slender Impulse Crop - OkGiv

S&M Slender Impulse Crop

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This sleek S&M Slender Impulse Crop will feel at home in your hand as it stings your plaything's flesh! A comfortable leather grip gives you command of your steed and a firmness to be reckoned with when whipping them into shape. Slim and agile styling perfect the art of the crop and entice their skin with sharp pangs of pleasure. A wrist loop adds security to your unwavering control. When you brandish this willowy wind-cutter, there is no question of who wields the power.


  • Material: Fiberglass, TPR, cowhide leather, nylon
  • Measurements: 25.75 inches (65.41cm)

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