Aneros Progasm Jr. Prostate Stimulator - OkGiv
Aneros Progasm Jr. Prostate Stimulator - OkGiv

Aneros Progasm Jr. Prostate Stimulator

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The Aneros Progasm Jr. Prostate Stimulator provides users with a smaller, but equally enjoyable alternative to Aneros most advanced massager, the Progasm Classic. Jr. features enhanced responsiveness and focused stimulation as a result of its more compactly scaled design. The round perineum tab and Kundalini K-Tab, heralded attributes of the Progasm Classic, add complimentary sensations up and down the back and in the prostate, while the advanced plastic composition provides a smooth, glass-like feel. Whether you are new to prostate health or an experienced user of the Progasm Classic, Jr. will help you achieve a Super-O. 

Faithful to its namesake, Progasm Jr. produces the same robust prostate massages of the Progasm Classic, while its smaller scale is ideal for regular use. Progasm Jr. utilizes the same environmentally friendly, state-of-the-art manufacturing process as the Progasm Black Ice.

  • Round perineum tab design
  • Kundalini "K-Tab" provides additional sensations
  • Tip Width: 1"
  • Mid-Ridge Width: 1.18"
  • Insertable Length: 3.6"

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